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Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi

Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi

Kiswahili Courses
The university’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, through its Department of Kiswahili, offers the following certificate courses:

Elementary Kiswahili
An introductory course to Kiswahili language for beginners. It focuses on developing, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Kiswahili.

Intermediate Kiswahili
This course accord the learner an opportunity to expand language skills to be able to competently express the basic concepts on general daily life activities in Kiswahili.

Advanced Kiswahili
This course is designed to further develop the learner’s listening, conversational, reading and writing skills sufficient enough to engage in meaningful conversational and writing activities in Kiswahili.

Focus is on conversations, comprehension and interpretation of Kiswahili texts and the development of advanced grammatical and expository skills.

The above-mentioned courses seek to provide the learner with basic skills needed to communicate and interpret utterances in Kiswahili; to aid the learner to construct and interpret simple Kiswahili written texts; and to enable the learner to effectively communicate in Kiswahili according to the functional needs that arise from the various socio-cultural contexts.

Duration and mode of study
The duration for each course is 12 weeks.
There are regular, evening and weekend options.
One can register to start at any level depending on his/her background.

E-mail: admissions@cuea.edu or inquiries@cuea.edu
Tel: +254-20-8891601-6 or +254-20-8890023/4