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About Presbyterian University of East Africa


The Presbyterian University of East Africa (P.U.E.A.) is a Christian institution which envisions becoming a center of academic excellence in the provision of Christian transformational education for the 21st century and beyond. In order to achieve this, the university endeavours to among other things uphold high levels of academic excellence.

The university's historic commitment to education in Kenya dates back to the arrival of Church of Scotland missionaries who trained African Christian leaders to read the Bible, teach others around them, and act as interpreters of the Christian message of good news. To implement this training, schools were established at Kibwezi in 1891 and later at Thogoto Mission Centre in 1898.

Over the years the Church of Scotland Mission, and later its successor, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, working with local communities, organized numerous primary and secondary schools. Currently these consist of 426 primary schools, 168 secondary schools, and 30 tertiary educational institutions sponsored by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

The need to establish a church-sponsored university was presented and approved at the 12th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in April 1988.

The General Administration Committee (GAC) appointed a Steering Committee to develop a proposal to establish a university and develop a curriculum of courses to be offered. The Steering Committee raised funds from PCEA congregations nationwide and other well-wishers, and undertook the construction of the first administration and teaching buildings which housed the Presbyterian College.

In 1994 the Presbyterian College opened, offering a post-secondary diploma program in Theology under the supervision of the Association of Theological Institutions in Eastern Africa and in consultation with St. Paul's United Theological College in Limuru.

In 2007 the college received by letter the Association's interim-status approval. The University of East Africa is now building upon the college's foundation.

Campuses of the University

    * University Main Campus, Kikuyu
    * St. Andrew’s Campus, Nairobi
    * Lay Training Centre, Zambezi
    * Nyamachake Open Learning Centre, Nyeri
    * Outspan Medical College, Nyeri
    * Tumutumu Nurse Training College, Nyeri
    * Clive Irvine College of Nursing, Meru
    * Chogoria Open Learning Centre, Meru
    * Rubate Teachers College, Meru
    * Maasai Technical Training Institute, Kajiado
    * Dr. Arthur TEE Centre, Nakuru
    * Milele Beach Hotel, Mombasa
    * Women’s Guild Ecumenical Hotel & Training Centre, Mombasa


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