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About Inoorero University


Registered in 1983, Inoorero University (IU) refers to itself as the “Enterprise University.” It was originally known as the Kenya School of Professional Studies (KSPS).

The university’s main campus is located at Inoorero Centre in Parklands, Nairobi. It has another campus in Kiserian, on the outskirts of Nairobi.

The word “Inoorero” means “a sharpening place” in the Kikuyu language. Hence the university styles itself as a sharpening place for skills in Africa and the world.

It seeks to impact on life, society and people by arming students with the requisite knowledge, attitude and skills; molding them into knowledgeable solution providers, and leaders who are fully capable of combating the challenges of a dynamic world.

The university inspires minds to see endless possibilities. It also encourages entrepreneurial, creative and innovating thinking and practice, and embracing of technology to enable life and business.

Inoorero embraces diversity to prepare learners for positions of leadership and fulfilled lives of service to humanity- driven by technology, market relevance, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

IU seeks to instill an enterprising way of life through fulfilling its statement of purpose: “Refining to Distinction.”

The university also provides scholarships to academically brilliant, disciplined but financially needy students.

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